Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here's me threading the sewing machine. Yes, it's tiny. It's a Singer Featherweight that belonged to Ben's grandmother. Rozzie set it up on a stool with a child's chair so we could watch a film on the computer while we worked. I felt like the tailor of Gloucester!
I've decided on three choice items to welcome the spring:

1) Blue flowers on the table. Hyacinths and Irises in glass vases - to offer hope and tranquility. Or is that hope OF tranquility~

2) Large square European bed pillows. I discovered that Target sells them along with white pillow cases that tie in back. I bought two, one for me and one for Ben, and then went back to get a third for the downstairs single bed. This inspiration came when I saw large pillows in a painting recently, and couldn't get them out of my mind. That, I said, is how a bed should be!

Along with:

3)A horizontally striped bedspread in gold and apricot. Last week Calico Corners had a sale. So I ordered three and a half yards and this week I've been sewing them into a bedspread.

On Monday, Rozzie and I went to Seven Corners, first for bubble tea at the Eden Center, then to G Street Fabrics to look at tassels. We must have spent half an hour in the tassel section.

Do you realize what a tassel can do for your life? My friend Bronwen turned me on to them when she visited us in Rome. From one of those luxurious home design shops on Via del Corso, she purchased an elegant little tassel for her bureau key. The perfect touch!

The tassels in G Street Fabrics were a bit more ostentatious than Bronwen's, and you couldn't really get away with most of them, unless you lived in Buckingham Palace.

Having seen these tassels Rozzie and I couldn't stop feeling their weight in our hands, and stroking through the silky cords of gold and emerald silk; of deep claret with green silk underskirt; of black and red with a topknot like a turban; pale blue, gold and cream with thick and dramatically braided cords. Rozzie tied one round her neck and for a few seconds we actually considered buying one to make into a necklace.

We finally left with two medium sized tassels to sew to the corners of the upcoming bedspread. They will lend a bit of weight and drama to it. I'm imagining the finished product with its European pillows will look especially inviting when it is rumpled and aged. One must always consider how such things will age and hold up as they fade~

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