Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I think I've found a new religion and  it's called Fragrance.   Last week I went to a soap party at Wanda's house in DC. She's the sister-in-law of my dear friend Helen and proprietor of River Girls Soap.  Her soap parties can be rather addictive for their spectacular array of natural products -  bath oils in cobalt bottles and thick round soaps with names as delicious as their fragrances. There's Night in Tuscany (Rosemary and Pear), Hippie Girl (Patchouli and Grapefruit)  Entwined (Ginger and Honey) to name just a few of my favorites. The year before last I took some to Biarritz as presents for Noreen, and last year my son Elliot went to visit Rome equipped with several bars to distribute to his hostesses.  My latest discovery is a moisturizing cream of Lavender and Rose called Amazing Face.

It was tempting to buy one of everything - but luckily Wanda has a website too, and I highly recommend that you check it out:

Something about River Girls fragrances nourishes the soul. We sat in the living room chatting with Vicki, Wanda's sister, who had bought her a book about herbal remedies for Mother's Day. Soon Chris, a doTerra Aromatherapy representative, was bringing out his fragrance vials as well, and passing them round the living room for us to sample. He dabbed some into the palm of our hands told us to apply it to the back of our necks and recommended that we cup our hands round our noses and breathe.  It was like breathing in a little bit of heaven. It was purity that made them so wonderful: Lavender, Cilantro, Cyprus, Peppermint.

Our conversation turned to the subject of water and one of the most refreshing drinks you will ever taste. This isn't just any old water. This my friends, is water,  with a fragrance that slips quite delicately into taste.

I made a batch of this water the following day. Here is the recipe: a few springs of fresh mint, half a grated cucumber, a tablespoon of fresh ginger, and the juice of one lemon all stirred together in a pitcher of cold filtered water.

So I'm smoothing on my Amazing Face each morning, bathing each evening in Pear and Red Berry bath oil, and yesterday afternoon while I was writing, I sipped on the final glass from my third batch of water. That's when Elliot came up to play me some music.

"Listen to this..."  he said. "I think you'll really like it." It was a track by Bibio from Ambivalence.

"Interesting," I said.

"Here, let me download it for you..." While I waited,  I was sipping on my water.   Elliot looked at me strangely~

"Err, that looks really weird, Mum,"  he said.

I looked at the cloudy glass, floating with bits of leaf and vegetable debris.  This is true. But oh how refreshing and delicious.

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