Saturday, January 19, 2013


Reading Winnie The Pooh

There are some essential pieces of furniture that make the house a home.  One is a dining room table, large enough to accommodate a gathering of friends.  Another is a deep sofa, full of comfortable cushions.  We purchased the sofa pictured above on Craigslist from a couple of guys who had recently moved to Washington DC from California.  And when we went to pick it up, we discovered several common bonds between ourselves and the owners: we all had lived in Buenos Aires; we all preferred the east to the west coast mentality, and both Brett and I were writers.  Since buying their sofa, we have met in town at the writers group he started and this evening we attended Brett's birthday party.

The sofa provided the original link - but how could it not? It's the kind of piece that has soul. It has presence and has become a center of daily life.

This Christmas, Rozzie and Elliot sat on the sofa reading Winnie the Pooh.  He was feeling sick but the sofa (and the book) was restorative.  I often nap on this sofa, after a cup of tea- just as Brett and Bill did when it belonged to them. 

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