Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A trapeze artist swings with all her strength and passion through the sky. She grasps the rod with her fingers and hurls her body forward with control, and then she lets go and flies through space in order to catch another person's legs.  It sounds absolutely terrifying and I would never EVER do it.  But those who do are awe-inspiring and extraordinarily beautiful.

 If I were going to fly on a trapeze,  I'd get very comfortable with falling.  I would learn to know where I was, where to put my arms and legs and how to break my fall. I'd learn to appreciate that terrible plummeting sensation because I'd be doing a lot of it before I experienced the sensation of taking flight.

I once loved a man and told him that I loved him and he was terrified. "To you it means taking flight," he said. "For me it's falling off the cliff edge."

We spend a lot of time falling on our faces, when we take risks in life.  It goes with the territory.  If we want to live extraordinary lives, we must make our peace with potential disaster.  I find that my most interesting students are not always the A students - or even the B students.  They aren't the one who tick all the boxes so as to secure perfect and predictable results.  If they are innovative, if they are trying to do something new - they might at some point get an A+ . But frequently they run the risk of getting an F or maybe a C if the odds are even! It doesn't seem fair,  but that's why a real A+ when it's finally achieved, is golden.  This surely is the case with any extraordinary athletes, including trapeze artists. They endure countless crashes on their way to the gold.

In different ways, that's what my characters Angus and Ruby do in my novel I KNOW WHERE I AM WHEN I'M FALLING.  They make their peace with heartache, disaster,  crazy hairbrained  projects and run-ins with the law, because the possibility of soaring over the cliff edge and taking flight is so beguiling, they simply can't give it up. Angus is a risk taker. He's smart, he's gifted he's a thrill seeker and he's big trouble. To love him is as terrifying as it is exhilarating.  To love a physical risk taker, you must be an emotional risk taker.  And that's where my narrator Ruby comes in.  (and by the way, there is not a single trapeze artist in this novel and no one was hurt in its making.)

In a month, I invite you to pick up my book. You can already order it on line here. And you can check out my Facebook book page here. I've written it for you - the ones who take big risks with their passions because ordinary doesn't cut it.  I've also written it for those of you who don't take risks because reading a book is taking a vicarious journey. Let's hope this one takes flight!

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