Friday, May 23, 2014


My son Elliot pours champagne on the open book
Last Saturday, underneath the trees in our garden, my novel  I KNOW WHERE I AM WHEN I'M FALLING was launched with the help of friends, family and fellow writers.

Charlie Weber, who made my lovely book trailer
It was a lush green afternoon underneath the trees. Lanterns were hung and empanadas delivered.  We set up the bottles of wine, and put out the platters of fruit and cheese. But as my dear friend and mentor Stephen Goodwin put it, most parties are remembered not for the food and drink but for what is said.  "The words," he said, "the words."

And what words were said.  I'll upload a little clip later because it was really lovely!

Stephen Goodwin raises a glass
The central moment, pictured above, was to be a Venezuelan blessing.  Our friend Louise Crane who we've known since we all lived in Caracas, told us that in Venezuela, a bottle of champagne is poured across the pages of the open book at its launching. We agreed that this was the perfect ceremony.
My student Micah

At New Years Eve parties, our neighbor and friend Jacky slices off the champagne corks with a bayonet.  At this party, we could only find a machete.  So with Jacky's instruction,  young Ethan did it!
Ethan, who sliced off the corks!

We all had a lot of fun.

Special friends, Christa, Anjali and Betsy

 I feel the novel has already become more of itself and less of me.

Susan Webb, PE Sachs and Roy LeFleur

 I won't accompany it into bookshops and libraries, onto Kindles and into the hands of readers it may find itself with these days. But I've already heard from readers in Australia, Italy, across England, and the US, as it makes connections to the hearts and minds of others.  To see it begin to lead its own life delights and humbles me.
My beautiful friend Robyn Goodwin

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