Saturday, September 27, 2014



Favorite qualities in a man: 
The ability to carry off a downward dog with a straight face -- oh, and laughter, kindness, and intelligence - no small feat.

Favorite qualities in a woman:
storyteller, warmth, and an open heart

What I appreciate most in my friends:
irreverence, a ferocious heart, and a naughty sense of humor

Worst fault:
insatiable hunger for release

Favorite occupation:
hospice worker, writer, and/or painter

Idea of happiness:
storytellers, the ocean, lobster and lobstermen, snow, indian summer, dogs, poppies, friends, laughter, my kids and my husband who gave me a life

My idea of misery:
to be alone in my head without all my lighthouses.

If not me, who would I be?
Someone who doesn't care to the point of self-destruction

Where do I want to live:
Maine or Colorado or Sardinia

Favorite poets/writers:
Poets- Sexton, Levertov, Frost and Billy Collins; Fiction- Erdrich, Alexie, O'Connor, Joyce, Shakespeare, Kundera and Carver

Favorite heroes/heroines in fiction:
Odysseus, Penelope,  Madame DeFarge, Ivan Ilych

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