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Your favorite qualities in a man:

I cannot stand "macho men", loud men, "men" men. There's too many of them in the world running around and fouling things up with their testosterone piqued egos. I am a man myself. A combat war veteran. And still I cannot see the use of this type of posturing. I enjoy the company of sophisticated, educated, eloquent, poetic, talented, well-rounded men. Men who can fly a plane, build a computer, play the flute, write an essay, cook more than BBQ, explain the musical evolution of classical and jazz without being too wimpy to go on a 12 day hiking trip or too squeamish to kill their own food. I want it all in a man, just not the noise or the pride. 

Your favorite qualities in a woman:

Independence and self-confidence. And the ability to hold a conversation and tell a man when he is full of shit. Men need to hear that more. Especially from women they respect. Unfortunately, the sociopath clowns who run this economic game don't respect anyone, so god could tell them to their face that the world would be better if they jump off a cliff, and they would still go about their business of looting and pillaging the middle and lower classes. 

What you appreciate the most in your friends:

Unfortunately, since I moved to Germany and married a Germany woman, I still haven't been able to make any friends here... It gets harder as you get older. It's one of the things that does not get easier with age. Friendship requires trust, and as we age, we find it harder to trust in others. Oh well.

Your main fault:
Ask people who know me better than I do.

Your favorite occupation:
I used to pretend I was a dinosaur, but my wife found me running around the woods, screeching like a prehistoric bird, and told me it was time I'd grow up. I think that was two days ago.

Your idea of happiness:
People living together in a well regulated capitalist society. Or a hunter gatherer society. I still haven't figured that one out yet.

Your idea of misery:
People who live in misery and accept it when there is a possibility to change. However, we don't all have the possibility to change. That's how they rig the system.

If not yourself, who would you be?


Where would you like to live?

Where I am: Germany.

Your favorite poets/writers:
The ones who don't suck.

Your favorite heroes and heroines in fiction:

Vigilantes. Because our "justice" system sucks, that's the fantasy I keep alive.  

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