Sunday, October 12, 2014


You see, this is the problem with living in a so called  "desirable" neighborhood like ours.  It's becoming less desirable, as all the mature trees are cut down to make way for buildings like this one.

oh, just a little house on the corner

Monstrous houses are going up on tiny parcels of land. Then they 'landscape'  with evenly placed shrubs, to make it look like the meridian strip on a suburban highway.

another one bites the dust

There's a little house for sale on the corner. It's surrounded by trees and fits snugly into the land.  The sign outside promises,  "I'm gorgeous inside!" It's as if to say - don't let all these trees fool you. I may look crappy on the outside, but inside I am gorgeous.  And by gorgeous they probably mean it has granite countertops.

"Inside? HA! Never mind what you are inside.  We are gorgeous outside!"  the neighboring McMansions cry.

bigger than big

When we saw that another house was slated for demolition, we asked the new owners what kind of house they were going to build.  Their children were scampering across the grass.  "A big one," they said.  Turns out, they aren't going to be living here after all.  Instead, they are flipping it.

 The two houses that are going up down the street evidently both have five full bathrooms. My neighbor said, "Who is going to keep all those bathrooms clean!"

the field where my sons used to play soccer, now two houses

Our house is small and we love it inside and out.  In fact, it is gorgeous outside,  because it has trees and it fits in the land, and I can use my imagination here. That's what makes it not a house but a home.

our garden this morning

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