Tuesday, November 11, 2014



My favorite qualities in a man:
sincere, loving, funny and adventurous.

My favorite qualities in a woman:
 Ditto for women.

Qualities I most appreciate in friends:
sense of caring and support for each other.

My main fault:
Impatience and being over anxious sometimes and too sensitive.

My idea of happiness:
walking and talking with friends and sharing meals with loved ones.
Later on after my shower: A massage from a young lover and breakfast in bed!

My favorite occupation:
wrestling with languages in all forms, teaching, learning, doing.

My idea of misery:
having no one to share time/stuff with when you want to.

If not myself, who I'd like to be:
My sister Siobhan perhaps because she is wonderful in so many ways but  I like being me, I like my curiosity!

Where I'd like to live:
by the sea but near enough to a good size town/city.

My favorite writers:
Hilary Mantel, AS Byatt, Seamus Heaney and Colm ToibĂ­n.

My favorite characters in fiction:
Queen Maeve of Connach ( powerful woman in celtic
folk tales), Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. Alice in Wonderland, and Oscar in Die Blechtrummel(The Tin Drum).
In real life: Nelson Mandela.

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