Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When he was in first grade, my son Alex kept an Observation Log as a Bean Biologist.  He was to record the progress of several seeds he'd planted in a box, over the course of the winter months. The log that follows is a family favorite.  It has given us hope - not in success, but in the concept of hope itself. And isn't that what counts?

"Today I planted seeds.  I planted four. When it was finished it looked very nice. I planted a sunflower. They are going to grow nice."

"I don't see anything yet.  But it will grow.  Miss Keens watered you today. They will grow fast.  From Alex."
A seed is watered

"Dear Miss Keens.  It might grow next time.  Alex"
Popsicle stick markers.  The barren earth.
"I still see nothing yet. But it will grow soon."
first sign of life
"I got my baby plant.  It's half a centimeter. It will grow better on the weekend."
"My plant is one centimeter. He might grow two centimeters on the weekend"
Popsicle sticks
"My seed disappeared. Maybe my corn seed will grow or my sunflower."
"Now it is gone for good. I wonder what plant will grow next."
Popsicle sticks

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