Thursday, August 11, 2016


Mechanicals and Fairy kings
My dear friend Charlie Weber just sent some photographs he'd taken of our Midsummer Nights Dream party this year. I feel compelled to share them - as well as a few others taken over the years, of summer celebrations, friendship, fairies, lovers and mechanicals.

Doth the moon shine that night we play our play?

Sometimes Ben or Elliot and others organize readings from the play.

There might be sparklers or even fireworks.

One of the things I love most, is that younger members of our party, have grown up coming here on midsummer night.  Val, who is getting married next month, was remembering this year how she came to the party as a child and danced around with sparklers!

Helen blowing bubbles - and Molly watching

Charlie - who took the best pics on the blog post!

About ten years ago, we celebrated in Rome.
 Walter came from London and rearranged the apartment while I was out purchasing the wine and cheese.  The place looked like a set by the time he had finished. Lucy also came from London, wearing a good amount of glitter and are Walter and Lucy and above them Silvia and Noreen chatting together in their fairy wings.

Last year Alex flew in from Australia. That was a beautiful moment.  My sister in law Clare drove up with him from New York.
Elliot and Alex

And Louise can always be counted on for some kick ass fireworks, fairy wings, recitations - you name it.  Noodles!  This year she brought all kinds of noodles!


There's something about being under the trees as the moon and fire flies come out.

How I love thee. How I dote on thee!

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